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Honey and Cinnamon a Powerful combination to lower your cholesterol.....

Honey and cinnamon are two natural ingredients with multiple health benefits.

Some people claim that when these two ingredients are combined, they can cure almost any disease.

While there’s evidence that each has some medicinal uses, several claims about the mixture of honey and cinnamon seem too good to be true.

Cinnamon’s health benefits are linked to active compounds in its essential oil.

The most well-studied cinnamon compound is cinnamaldehyde, and it’s what gives cinnamon its spicy flavor and aroma (1).

Most impressive benefits

May reduce inflammation. Long-term inflammation increases the risk of chronic disease. Studies show cinnamon may help reduce inflammation

May help treat neurodegenerative diseases. A few test-tube studies suggest that cinnamon might help slow the progression of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. These results need to be confirmed in human studies.

May help protect against cancer. A few animal and test-tube studies found that cinnamon helps prevent the growth and reproduction of cancer cells. However, these results need to be confirmed with human studies.

some science benefits of honey

May be an effective cough suppressant. One study found that honey was more effective at suppressing nighttime coughs than dextromethorphan, the active ingredient in most cough syrups. Yet, more research is needed

A powerful treatment for wounds and burns. A review of six studies found that applying honey to the skin is a powerful treatment for wounds

Honey is also thought to be a sleep aid, memory booster, natural aphrodisiac, treatment for yeast infections, and natural way to reduce plaque on your teeth, but these claims aren’t supported by science.

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