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Sharp pain in the leg?

An intense pain in the leg is one of the most obvious symptoms and one that is impossible to miss. When the blood clot forms it causes a very severe pain in that area of the leg. In the absence of immediate treatment, the clot might continue to grow, and the pains intensify until normal activities become tough. Doctors might describe this condition as the onset of deep vein thrombosis, or DVT for short. It is hard to appreciate the pain but whoever acts promptly to get the condition checked and treated might end up feeling grateful for this warning sign. This signal is the biological equivalent of the flashing LCD in the car whoever ignores it is very foolish.

Other symptoms of Blood Clot in the LEG:

It feels warm around the blood clot area

When it comes to such a severe health threat, there is no place for self-diagnosis as a substitute for a thorough medical check-up, but it can serve as an encouragement to get checked. Sometimes patients sense a unique warmness when they touch the area of the leg where the blood clot has formed. While this is not invariably the case, it does happen frequently enough to become another sign that must be acted on.

Changes in the skin

If the blood clot is not noticed or if unfortunately it is not treated for a while, the patient might see that the skin area around the blood clot turns red. If they are reckless enough to ignore this symptom and delay treatment further they might notice that the skin in the area becomes lumpy. In the course of time, the skin around the clot might even become a white or blue color. If someone has left treatment at this late stage, they should be very concerned about the threat to life the clot now poses. Without any further delay, they must go to the hospital emergency move for life-saving treatment.

Swelling of the leg

The appearance of swelling in the part of the leg where blood is clotting provides another easy for identifying the sign of this severe health threat. In the absence of effective treatment, the swollen area expands. In these situations, both standing for a long time and sitting in the same place for a good while may aggravate this swelling. Often the swelling appears because the clot has caused the leg to become infected so antibiotic medicines are needed. Although a blood clot is not the only possible explanation for a swollen leg, it is not worth taking the risk get it checked immediately.

Drained of energy

The weakness someone with a blood clot in the leg experiences is much stronger than the fatigue caused by viral infections or depress. It might reach a point where they barely walk from one end of the room to another. This fatigue happens because the flow of blood to the leg muscles is cut off. In the most severe cases, leg muscles could be permanently damaged.

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