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Sponsor a Child by Sewa International

Schedule Thu, 30 Aug 2018  9:00 Am
Venue 1712,, High way 6 south
Houston, TX 77077
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Sponsor a child project serves children
of low-income families through donating fees, uniforms, books, subject
coaching, career guidance, and counseling. Children of the invisible
poor (maidservants, taxi/auto drivers, construction workers, vegetable
vendors etc.) benefit from the program The program provides a holistic
development opportunity for students. Apart from their regular class
work, all students can participate in sports and cultural events. They
are also provided exposure to computers and video-based education. Yoga
and civic awareness program are among their daily activities at the
learning centers available in select needy areas.

At $20 per child per month, this is less than you spend on Starbucks lattes a month!

Sponsor a Child and get the satisfaction of a child achieving its dreams!

Phone 832-631-0659
Organized by
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