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Sep 11th 2019, Location: Dallas,Texas 75234   Map  

Ravi Training was devised by a group of Innovative IT Professionals to fill the gap between the IT industry and people who want to kick start their career in the field of Information Technology. Our Training center is the place where you can learn how to become a Software Professional and get trained on how to use Software tools to further enhance your career. We provide Innovative new technologies that transport you to a virtual classroom through the comfort of your own computer, we also provide 100% placement assistance to our students and most of the big companies in the corporate world hire our trained talent. We have placed over thousands of job-seekers in various IT firms across the USA over the years!

Reserve a seat to attend a FREE Class of 3 hours

Classified Description:
Course Duration: Weekend - Within 12 Classes (Saturday and Sunday)
Contact details:
Contact: Deepika
Phone number: 972-483-4845
Email Id: info ravitraining.com

Attend the FREE class and then make a decision to join the training.

Training Highlights:
Training Period: 6 Weekends (2 days/Saturday and Sunday with 2 to 3 hours for each class)

Training will be focused on hands-on Lab exercises on various DevOps concepts.

To one Interview preparation and coaching.

Programming Basics
Java fundamentals
Unix basics and commands
SQL basics and statements
QA basics
Version Control basics
Software Development Life Cycle Methodologies
Agile Methodology
Waterfall Methodology
Agile Vs Waterfall

Introduction to DevOps
Define DevOps
What is DevOps
Why DevOps?
Roles of DevOps Engineer
Devops Stakeholders
DevOps Goals
Devops and Agile
Devops Tools
Configuration management
Continuous Integration and Deployment
Introduction to Cloud computing
What is cloud computing
Characteristics of cloud computing
Cloud implementation models
Advantages of cloud computing
Concerns of cloud computing

Creating AWS account
Free tier Eligible services
Understanding AWS Regions and availability zones

GIT: Version Control
What is Git
About Version Control System and Types
Difference between CVCS and DVCS
A short history of GIT
GIT Basics
GIT Command Line
Installing Git on Windows
Creating repository
Cloning, check-in and committing
Fetch pull and remote
Creating the Branches, switching the branches, merging the branches.

Jenkins – Continuous Integration
Understanding continuous integration
Introduction about Jenkins
Build Cycle
Jenkins Architecture
Obtaining and installing Jenkins
Java installation and configuration
Maven Installation
Exploring Jenkins Dashboard.
Creating Jobs
Running the Jobs
Setting up the global environments for Jobs
Disabling and deleting jobs
Understanding Deployment.
Tomcat installation and configuration

Continuous Testing with Selenium
Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about selenium and how to automate your test cases for testing web elements. You will also get introduced to integrate Selenium with Jenkins.

Introduction to Selenium
Why Selenium?
Selenium – Webdriver
Creating Test Cases in Selenium WebDriver
Handling different controls on Webpage
Framework in Selenium
Selenium Integration with Jenkins
Implementation of Selenium in the sample Project
Installing Selenium
Creating Test Cases in Selenium WebDriver

Continuous Deployment: Containerization with Docker
What is a Docker
Use case of Docker
Platforms for Docker
Dockers vs. Virtualization
Docker Architecture.
Understanding the Docker components
Understanding Installation of Docker on windows.
Some Docker commands.
Docker Hub.
Downloading Docker images.
Uploading the images in Docker Registry and AWS ECS
Understanding the containers
Running commands in container.
Creating a custom image.
Running a container from the custom image.
Publishing the custom image.

Configuration Management with Ansible
Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn to install Ansible and configure ansible roles. You will also learn to write playbooks and finally execute ad-commands using Ansible.

 Introduction to Ansible

Ansible Installation
Configuring Ansible Roles
Write Playbooks
Executing adhoc command
Installing Ansible
Configuring Ansible Role
Write Playbooks
Execute adhoc commands
Continuous Monitoring with Nagios
Learning Objective: Learn how to continuously monitor your tasks using various plugins and
implementing Nagios Commands.

implementing Nagios Commands.
Introduction to Continuous Monitoring
Introduction to Nagios
Installing Nagios
Nagios Plugins (NRPE) and Objects
Nagios Commands and Notification

DevOps Labs
Lab on How to version control tool.
Lab on How to use AWS environment.
Lab on Writing java code with using IDE tool and build using build tools
Lab on Testing using test tools
Lab on deployment using integration and deploy tools
Lab on Monitoring using Monitoring tools

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Contact: Vijay Kumar

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