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Interesting History of Kotappakonda which is also known as Kaaki Vaalani Kotappakonda

It is very interesting to share the story of Kotappakonda which is located in Guntur district. How lord shiva (Jangama Devara) shifted his place from Rudra Hill to Brahma Hill.

There was a cattleman who named Sundudu and his eife named Kundiri used to live towards the south of the Trikuta hills. They became rich soon after the birth of their first child, a beautiful daughter, Anandavalli. Slowly she became a great devotee of Lord Shiva and started spending most of her time offering prayers to Lord Shiva at the Old Koteswara Temple located on Rudra hill. Eventually, she lost all interest in her materialistic life and started penance for Sri Koteswara Swamy.

She used to visit Rudra hill every day, even during the scorching summer, to offer prayers to the Lord. Pleased with her penance, Jangama Devara appeared before her. Sympathized by her penance, Jangama Devara blessed her to be a pregnant, though she was a spinster. Unmindful of her pregnancy she carried her daily prayers as usual. Stupefied at her deep devotion, he again appeared and told her that she need not take so many troubles to perform pujas and offer prayers, and promised her that he himself would come to her house where she could do her penance and commanded her to proceed towards her home, and that he would follow her, but advised her not to look back even once on her way to home, inspite of whatever happens.

From Rudra hill, Anandavalli proceeded towards her home and after reaching Brahma hill, she lost her patience and turned back. The moment she turned back, breaking the promise she made, Lord Jangama Devara immediately stopped where he was, at Brahma hills and entered into a cave on that hill and turned himself into a Lingam. This sacred placed is famous by the name New Koteswara Temple. She then realized that her pregnancy was the creation of him, to test her devotion towards him. She felt happy as she got through all the critical trails and became one in the God.

Another interesting thing we should know that it also named as Kaaki Vaalani Kotappakonda. How?

One day, while offering her prayers to the Lord, Anandavalli collected a pot of water for celestial bath and kept it in a safe place while she got engaged in some other work. Then, a crow came and sat on the pot, and with its weight the pot fell throwing the entire water down. She became angry and cursed that no crow should enter the region. Since then and till now, no crow appears on the Rudra hill.

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