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Adam Rahman

4581 Spencer Drive
Plano, TX-75024
(214) 607-6331
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Does your agent has a proven track record of negotiation?
Does your agent have a great working relationship with agents/builders across the metroplex, which is a must for any negotiation.
Is your agent comfortable in negotiation with agents with different personality?
Does your agent have experience of performing initial inspection in areas of Foundation, plumbing, roofing, mold, HVAC, etc and giving your an initial assessment of how much repair work is needed, and what will be the approximate cost, before you make a commitment?
Does your agent help you find the best possible interest rate in the market for you?
Is your agent patient with your purchase, or does he/she add active/passive pressure to you to make a quick purchase
Is your agent accessible to you whenever you need?

Does your agent has proven track record of property management with investors who own one or many properties?
Did your agent EVER taken any referral fee or gift for referring a client to lender, inspector, contractors, or any related service providers, instead of passing the savings to clients?

These are important questions!! It is very important that you have the answers before selecting an agent, who will help you make one of the most important financial decisions in your lifetime.

I have been a realtor since 2011, and I have worked with honesty and dignity for every single transactions in my real estate lifetime. My clients include local residents as well as remote clients in Canada, China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. I do not believe in short cut, and execute every transaction, as if this transaction is for me. I am brutally honest, and will tell you whether itís good buy or a bad buy, based on data, instead of trying to make a quick decision. "Customerís interest comes firstĒ is my core strategy, and my only strategy. I never taken a dime as referral, or lunch/dinner in this business from anyone, and this is the reason why I will not only negotiate the best price for you, but also help you get the best price for every related service (inspection, loan, insurance, repair, etc).

There are rooms to save money, in price, in inspection, in appraisal, in loan, in, insurance, etc. The savings that you can have, will add up and you will see the value I can bring for you.

I have spent the least amount of money on advertising in the past, as my main resource of new clients are referrals from previous clients. Clients who have used my service before or post-transaction are satisfied with my advise on how to hire as contractor, how to rent and manage houses without charges, etc.

I am only successful when my clients get best possible deals, not only because this is the right thing to do, but also it is the best strategy for a prosperous business.
Give me a call/text ( 214-607-6331), or email me (adamhtx@gmail.com), ask me ANYTHING. We can also have a meeting, and see if you want me to work for you to get best possible deal.

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