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Chocolate Barfi

By: eKnazar
Region: Indian
Dish:Vegetarian - Desserts


250 ml Condensed Milk
150 ml Sugar
100 gm (to taste) Cardamom
1/8 tbsp Koya 50 gm
Chocolate powder 25gm


Step 1: Boil milk in a thick bottom pan. Add sugar and reduce the milk.

Step 2: Continuously stir it till it becomes a thick paste. Add condensed milk and chocolate powder.

Step 3: Add cardamom powder and khoya to the mixture and let it cool. Pour the barfi mixture in a square mold till it solidifies.


This chocolate recipe is easy yet delicious. It is a treasure trove for chocoholics. Made with condensed milk it just melts in your mouth. Taste of cardamom gives you rich experience of Indian sweets. Make your brunch more special with this chocolate recipe.

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