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Jack Fruit Biryani
Region: Indian
Dish:Vegetarian - Breakfast/Tiffins/Snacks
Time to Prepare: 45 minutes


Basmati rice 500grams
Bay Leaf 3
Cashew nuts As needed
Coriander leaves 1cup
Curd 1cup
Garamasala 3
Ginger garlic paste 1tsp
Green chilli 4
Jack fruit 500 grams
Mint leaves 1cup
Oil 1/2cup
Onions 1cup
Rasins as needed
Red chili powder 1/2tsp
Salt as need
Turermic powder pinch
Water as needed


In a pan fry onions till golden brown colour and keep it side.

Soak Basmati rice and cook 70% and keep it a side.

Now take Raw Jack furit applie oil to hand and cut the skin and make into cubes do not make into small pices.

Now take presure cooker add cut jack fruit,turermic powder,salt and little water and cook till it is 80% done.

Take a pan add oil,garama masala, bay leaf, cashewnut,rasins,green chillis,ginger garlic paste,salt, mix and now add cooked jack fruit,saute it and add mint leaves,coriander leaves,curd, biryani masala if required,and mix well.

Now spread the jack fruit all over the pan then add fried onions half,chilli powder,add 70% cooked rice,mint leaves,coriander leave,onions left over,add colour,cover it with a lid and cook in a very slow flamefor 10 min.

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