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Quick Chick

By: Arpita
Region: Others
Dish:Non Vegetarian - Chicken
Main Ingredient: Chicken , Tomato , French Beans (Flas Beans)


2 chicken legs (whole)
3 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp haldi (turmeric) powder
1 tsp dhania powder
1 tsp jeera powder
1 spoon garlic paste or 4-5 garlic pods crushed
3-4 small tomatoes
a handful of french beans(optional)
salt to taste
a loaf of fresh bread of your choice


Rub the salt and a little garlic paste into the chicken, and leave for 10 mins.

To save on cooking time, dump the chicken and (whole) beans into the cooker with some water and cook for 4-5 mins. after the whistle. (This is flexible depending on the instructions of your individual cooker brand)

Once cooked, mix the spices and garlic paste all together. (You can use other pre-prepared curry masalas, instead of these spices for variety.)

Drain the chicken from its soup (stock) and keep aside to cool and dry for a few mins.

Once dry, rub the spicy mixture into the chicken.

Remove and keep aside the french beans to serve as they are.

Chop the tomatoes into quarters and fry them in oil.

Once softened, add the chicken and fry thoroughly.

Serve the chicken on a plate with the french beans on the side, with thick chunks of fresh loaf bread.

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