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Simple and Delicious Side Dish for Pappuchaaru

By: Gayathri Janaga
Region: Telangana
Dish: Vegetarian - Others
Time to Prepare: 5 Mins


-Green Mirchi


- Rinse the fresh green Mirchi and gently pat it dry with a cloth. Carefully slit the Mirchi only in the middle, ensuring it doesn't split into two pieces. Sprinkle a pinch of salt inside the slit.

- Heat a pan and add two tablespoons of oil. Let the oil heat up, then place the prepared MIrchi into the pan. Cook the Mirchi until it's about 70% done.

-There you have it – your perfect side dish for Pappuchaaru is ready to be served. Enjoy!


A speedy appetizer for spice lovers, perfect as a side with dal and rice.


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