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Skills that will pay you forever

Making use of your skills is the mindset behind giving them out. Generally, skill and ability are words used interchangeably to talk about the capability of a person /or something collectively. Skills are acquired or learned. It can be an innate characteristic of a person in question or/ the result of investing much time and energy in acquiring it.

21 skills have been compiled that will pay you forever either in monetary terms, academic, life, and other areas you deem necessary for use.

- Ability to sell and negotiate.

- Ability to convey what you think and feel.

- Ability to break down a process into smaller steps.

- Ability to shut up, listen and learn from others.

- Ability to adapt and improvise and overcome obstacles.

- Ability to read, understand and memorize.

- Ability to walk away.

- Ability to manage time effectively.

- Ability to stay positive and optimistic.

- Ability to make decisions based on facts not based on emotions.

- Ability to speak in front of a large audience.

- Ability to keep trying even after failure.

- Ability to invest money on your own.

- Ability to do things irrespective of situations.

- Ability to analyse yourself.

- Ability to learn how to learn.

- Ability to understand what others feel.

- Ability to maintain consistency.

- Ability to master your thoughts.

- Ability to write words to persuade and influence others.

- Ability to ask for help.

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