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BARBAREEK- An Ancient Indian Robot

In the year 1027 AD about a thousand years ago, a group of workers were digging the ground for water in a village called Khatu in the state of Rajasthan in India. After digging for more than 30 feet, they found a strange metal box which was sealed. On the box, there was one word carved – Barbareek. When they broke the box open, inside there was a skull, it was not a regular skull made of bones, but it was made of a metal. The workers immediately ran to the king Roopsingh Chauhan and he called all learned men to assemble at his court to understand about this Barbareek’s skull. How can his skull be made of metal? How did his eyes not decompose and disintegrate? The learned men searched many ancient texts and found nothing about Barbareek. Finally, a priest who came from the far south explained his story.

Story of Barbareek:

He was a great warrior who lived 5000 years ago during the time of lord Krishna. But there was something fundamentally different about Barbareek. Barbareek was not a Human, he possessed Godlike strength and he was capable of handling multiple weapons at the same time, and could solve mathematical problems in lightning speed, but his speech was slow and he could not recognize faces. He was not intelligent like humans, he had artificial intelligence. What do i mean by this?

Let’s wind the clock back about 5000 years ago. Lord Shree Krishna decides to meet Barbareek after hearing about his strength and intelligence. The great war of Mahabharata is about to begin soon, and Krishna wants to see which side Barbareek is going to support. Barbareek did not recognize Krishna, but demonstrates his extraordinary speed and precision in operating advanced weapons. Krishna shocked and realizes that Barbareek would be the game changer in the upcoming war. However, Krishna observes that Barbareek’s intelligence is not human-like; he followed a robot like thinking and action. Krishna asks him about his position in the war. Barbareek replies that he would wupport the side which is weaker that the other side. He says it is his duty to save as many human as he can. At this point, Krishna poses a very simple question which completely surprises Barbareek. Krishna says if Barbareek supports the weaker army and begins to destroy the stronger army, after a certain point the stronger army would become weaker army and the once weaker side would now become the stronger side. What would Barbareek do then? To a human being, this would not be a valid question, because human beings understand larger ideas, while robots and artificially intelligent machines look at events and are not able to grasp the bigger picture. But Barbareek then says he would switch sides and support the other army now because they have become weaker. Barbareek’s reply stuns Krishna because this means that Barbareek will keep switching sides between the 2 armies and destroy both sides completely. Krishna concludes that even though Barbareek is capable of handling advanced weapons with extraordinary precision, with his unnatural inteliigence he will cause harm to human beings, so Krishna decides to disable Barbareek’s physical activity so that he cannot use his arms or legs to attack or use weapons. Krishna asks Barbareek to cut his head from his body. Here is the most interesting part- Barbareek removes his head and offers to Krishna but continues to talk this clearly shows that he was not human, he was an artificially intelligent machine. Some people claim that Barbareek was the grandson of Bhima, but this is highly unlikely because in that case, he would have definitely been mentioned in the ancient text of Mahabharata. But Barbareek is not mentioned inthe original text anywhere. Why did the author not even mention sucha a great warrior inthe epic?Because Barbareek was not a living being, he was a Robot with artificial intelligence, this could be the reason why the author omitted this detail.

The name Barbareek itself points out that he is not human. Word “Barbareek” comes from the Sanskrit word “Barbara” which means inhuman, which is also related to the English word “Barbaric” in as well. The English word Barbaric originally means inhuman, one who does not understand human emotions and thoughts. Ok, now Barbareek’s head is in Krishna’s hands, but what does Krishna do with it? Krishna attached 3 arrows to Barbareek’s head and now used ths set up to fly over the war filed or Mahabharatha. It is clearly sense a drone camera. Today we use a drone with a central processor with cameras. This is exactly what Krishna does. He takes the advanced processor with memory, the cameras were obviously the eyes of Barbareek and Krishna attached three rotors to this machine and converts it into a drone to watch and record the battlefield. Believe it or not, this is accurately described in the ancient text of Mahabharata. The entire war is watched live by a person named Sanjaya who is miles away from the battlefield and he describes everything in great detail.

It is obvious that Barbareek was now flying over the battlefield and transmitting all the data over wireless technology to Sanjaya. Otherwise, how was Sanjaya able to see what was going on in the battlefield which was far away? Also, why else would Krishna attaché 3 arrows to Barbareek’s head and make it fly all over the battlefield?

All these details clearly point out that Barbareek was an A1 Robot which was then converted into a drone. And this is why Barbareek’s skull and eyes did not decompose even after 5000 years. Because it is made of some other material. Even today, people can go to the site where they found Barbareek’s skull, a beautiful temple has been built on this site; it is called the “Khatushyam temple”. The place where they excavated his head is now a tank known as Shyam kund inside the temple. Yes, we can see the Barbareek’s skull, they have plastered and painted a face over the robotic head of Barbareek, but authorities confirm that this is his original skull. And it is worshipped as a rare deity because it does not have body, only the head is displayed.

So what do you think? Was Barbareek an advanced Robot in ancient times? Or is everything just a unreal story?

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