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YADU - The founder of Yaduvansh.

Yaduvanshi or House of Yadu was a powerful royal dynasty in the Mahajanapada period who were an offshoot of the Chandravansha dynasty. The dynasty's progenitor was Yadu, eldest son of Emperor Yayati.

Yadu was a self respecting and a very established ruler. He had four sons. They were: Prince Sashtrajeet, Kroshta, Nal and Ripu. Yadu had officially lost the title to govern by his father's command since he had refused to exchange his youth with his father. Thereby, he could not have carried on the same dynasty, called Somvanshi. Notably, the only remaining dynasty of King Puru was entitled to be known as Somvanshi. Thereby King Yadu ordered that the future generations of his would be known as "Yadu" or "Yadav" and the dynasty would be known as "Yaduvanshi".

The generations of Yadu had an unprecedented growth and got divided into two branches. King Sashtrajeet's generation came to be known as "Haihai Yadav" occupying the northern regions whereas the King Kroshta's generation became to be known as "Kroshta Yadav' occupying southern regions. King Haihai was Satajeet's son and Sashtrajeet's grandson. King Sashtrajeet instituted a new state and a new dynasty and offered the same, by his own will and against his birth right, to be taken care of by his younger brother Kroshta. Thereby, Kroshta officially became the heer of King Yadu.

Consequently, the generations of King Puru, Paurav or Puruvanshi were the only ones to be known as Somvanshi. The Aryas who established the businesses in Kathiavad regions from Kurushetra, Surseni, Indrapasth etc, continued this approach of economy in later times as well. Thereby, Kathiavad became the business center for Vrashni Yadav's and in vedic times it was recorded that these Yadav traveled many distances using sea etc.

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