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Levels of Warrior in Mahabaratha - Rathis, Atirathis, Maharathis & Atimaharathi

Who is called Maharathi?

Maharathi - A warrior who is superior to all officers in the army and a major portion of the army is under him . It is equal to 12 Atirathis or 24 Rathi. Bhishma , Dronacharya , Kripacharya , Ravana ( equal to 5 or 6 Maharathi ) , Kumbharkarna , Bhagadatta , Abhimanyu , Ashwathama and etc .

Here we can see the levels of Warrior Excellence as per Bhishma from Mahabharata

Before war, Bhishma ill-treated Karna by calling him Artha-rathi because Karna had a very bad habit of flying away from battlefield after being defeated. But Karna was potentially equal to 1 Maharathi warrior

From Kaurava side


• Sudhakshina-the ruler of the Kamvojas.

• Shakuni-King of Gandhara and uncle of Kauravas.

• Duryodhana's son-Lakshmana and the Durjaya-son of Dussasana are single Rathis

• Jayadratha-the king of the Sindhu and brother in law of Kauravas is equal to 2 rathas

• All 99 brothers of Duryodhana including Dushasana are single Rathis

• Duryodhana is classified as a warrior equal to 8 Rathis


• Kritverma- the general of "Narayani Sena" of Krishna.

• Susharma-the ruler of Trigartas

• Shalya- the ruler of Madra

• Bhurisravas-the son of Somadatta

• Brihadbala-a descendant of Rama, equal to 6 atirathis

• Kripa-also known as Kripacharya, the son of Saradwat, equal to 5 atirathis


• Bhagadatta- the ruler of Pragjyotisha and son of Narakasura- equal to 1 maharathi.

• Ashwatthama-the son of Guru Drona, one of the eight chiranjeevis and equal to 2 Maharathis.

• Drona-the teacher of Pandavas and Kauravas; equal to 3 Maharathi class warriors.

• Bhishma-even though he never classified himself, later it was revealed that Bhishma is equal to 4 Maharathi warriors

• Karna- Before war, Bhishma classified Karna as Artha-rathi because Karna had a bad habit of flying away from battlefield after being defeated as he did many times including Draupadi Swayamvara war, Gandharva war, Virata war. But potentially Karna was equal to 1 Maharathi.[15]

From Pandava side


• Uttamaujas

• Sikhandin-the son of the prince/ess of the Panchalas

• All sons of Draupadi (Upapandavas) are single rathis

• Dhrishtaketu-the son of Shishupala, the king of the Chedis

• Nakula and Sahadeva are single Rathis.

• Yudhishthira-the son of Pandu and Kunti, is a Rathi.

• Virata King-King of Matsya


• Bhima-the second of the Pandava prince, is equal to 8 Atirathis.

• Satyaki-of the Vrishni race-equal to 6 Atirathis

• Dhrishtadyumna-the son of Drupada.

• Kuntibhoja-the maternal grand uncle of Pandavas.

• Ghatotkacha-prince of Rakshasas and master of all illusions, son Bhima and Hidimba. (During night, Ghatothkatcha is equal to Maharathi)

• Drupada-King of Panchalas.


• Abhimanyu- the son of Arjuna is equal to 4 Maharathis.


Arjuna- the mighty son of Indra was equal to 12 maharathi class warriors and thus-Atimaharathi. According to Bhishma, only Arjuna along with Krishna was Atimaharathi at time of Kurukshetra war.

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