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Detox your skin of chemical exposure

We all want clear skin & nobody wants to wake up with dull and tired skin. But a fast-paced lifestyle, chemical exposure, makeup, and pollution can clog your pores and make your skin look lifeless..

It isn't the product that's causing a reaction. In reality, your skin is unable to absorb the product and its nutrients. The lack of absorption causes the product to linger on the skin. Essentially, you're just causing more clogging.

One of the largest organs in your body is the skin. It has numerous vital functions that help protect the body against excessive water loss and infection. It also plays a significant role in regulating body temperature, sensation, insulation, and vitamin D production.

Chemicals in water, dirt, makeup, pollution, hormonal disorders and an unhealthy diet contribute to the build-up of toxic substances inside your body and skin.

Here’s a simple analogy - envision yourself walking down a clear path, and suddenly you find obstacles that block your passage. You have to work harder to get past these blocks.

Similarly, when you haven’t detoxed your skin, you will notice the appearance of inflammation, redness, and blemishes. A regular skincare routine that includes a skin detox can reverse and limit these changes. Additionally, it can brighten your skin and reduce the signs of skin damage caused by toxins.

Depending on your schedule, dedicate one day of the week to eliminate impurities, dead skin cells, pollutants, and toxins. Revitalize and renew your skin back to how it usually looks or better than it’s ever been before.

Skin detox is what you can do to the surface of your skin to protect your skin from the outside elements more than clearing out what’s on the inside. A skin detox purges your skin of congestion and dirt and anything else it can get out. Your skin clears out the impurities, restoring its pH levels and undergoing a multi-beneficial process.

For the uninitiated, one form of detoxification is zits and spots. It’s normal for your skin to break out, clear up, and then break out again.

Typically, your skin cleans out one pocket of toxins and clears up. Then, it goes deeper to find another pocket to stake, therefore causing another kind of breakout. These breakouts can be severe, but a dash of patience and a pinch of discipline while following a stringent skincare regime is the perfect recipe to clear skin.

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