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Garbh Sanskar- Education in womb

Garbh Sanskar is an ancient practice that can be traced back to ancient scriptures and included in the Vedas. It is a sort of prenatal education that helps in the physical, mental and spiritual development of an unborn child. It is a well-known fact that children are receptive to love, information and care from the outside world. In simple words it means, educating the foetus in the womb. What the mother consumes, listens, watches influences the child. In Hinduism, it has been believed that “A child‘s mental and behavioral development get started as soon as he is conceived. His personality begins to take shape in the womb and this can be influenced by the mother’s state of mind during pregnancy.”

We have a good example from Mahabharatham. Abhimanyu, the son of Arjun learned how to enter the Chakravyuha(strategic arrangement of a warrior to entrap and defeat the enemy ), when he was in his mother’s womb. He had heard and remembered the narration and technique by Arjuna to Subhadra during her pregnancy. But unfortunately he had not learned how to escape from the Chakrayuha and that was the reason, he was killed during the war.

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