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Tired of pimples? Try these simple homemade packs and keep your acne problem at a bay

Acne problem is quite common yet problematic. However, don't worry, we have a few natural remedies to say bye bye to your acnes with the easily available kitchen ingredients.

Acnes are very common and it may happen to anyone. There a lot of reasons for pimples to popup in women's skin like oily texture, hormonal changes, mensuration cycle and more. Usually when this problem occurs we don't hesistate to hit the nearest departmental store to grab the best possible ointments and creams. But that may or may not work on your skin depending on your skin's texture. The chemical-based products in the market can prove to be dangerous as they can even cause a reaction or allergy. Therefore, if you are suffering from acne problem we will recommend you to consult a dermatologist before picking up any commercial cosmetic products. However, before you book a doctor's appointment try treating your pimples at home with easy remedies. Yes, we have a few natural hacks to say bye bye to your acnes with the easily available kitchen ingredients. All you need to do is mix them a little and put it on your face as a pack. Take a look

Aloe vera possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial proterties which makes it great for dealing with acne problem. Just scoop out some gel from the aloe vera's plant and apply it on your face. Keep it for a few minutes then rinse it off with water.

Needless to say Turmeric is another ingredient which is used in a lot of lotions and beauty creams. This herb is rich with anti-inflammatory contents which not just ward off your pimples but also leaves your skin radiant and glowing. Just add a tsp of turmeric powder in honey, milk and mix a few drops of rosewater. Now apply it on your face and leave it for 15 minutes before washing it off. You can also add aloe vera gel to the mixture.

Citrus fruit like lemon and orange have vitamin C which works wonders for your skin. It helps in flushing out bacteria and will tone yor skin. Squeeze out the fruit juicee and add a little multani mitti (fuller s earth) and apply it on your face. Keep the pack for 15 minutes before rinsing it with water.

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