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Known the meaning of your Dream about getting trapped in a lift?

A dream is a common phenomenon that occurs in a state of sleep, i.e. when a person is not conscious. However, subconscious mind is always at work, thereby making that person dream. But interestingly, not all dreams have a purpose. Some dreams show glimpses of unrelated incidents that could either be funny, worrisome or bizarre. People may wake up thinking about what they saw the previous night, and in some cases, they may not even remember anything about the dream.

In this post, we shall tell you whether or not dreams have a meaning. And to explain, it, we shall cite an example. Let us understand what it means when you see yourself trapped in an elevator/ lift.

According to dream interpreters getting stuck in a lift could mean that you are in a situation in your life that isn't letting you move forward or backward. It is compelling you to remain stagnant without allowing you the freedom of mobility. For instance, your job may be satisfactory, but you aren't able to grow or look for an opportunity elsewhere. It means that you have the urge to explore newer avenues for growth and learning but aren't being able to fulfill your desire because of certain unfavourable circumstances.

A dream such as this could also mean that you are in a bad relationship and aren't able to get out of it, for reasons that may be hard to share. You feel suffocated because neither can you stay in the relationship nor call it quits. It could be either because you fear your partner's reaction or the repercussions of walking out of the relationship.

Dreaming about getting trapped in a lift could also mean that you wish to explore your strengths and weakness, but aren't being able to spare time for yourself owing to a variety of commitments.

And last but not least, you may dream about getting stuck in an elevator, if you got trapped in the recent past, or heard any of your loved ones sharing their experience of getting caught in a lift.

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