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The 6 pathways to alter negative karmic

Here we will to touch briefly on the essential meanings of 6 pathways and the limitations attached to each.


The first pathway to remove negative factors is Mantra. Mantra is a spiritual formula consisting of sacred syllables which when chanted in a particular manner leads to attainment of desires. The limitations attached to mantra chanting are as follows:

Mantra has to be chanted in a particular manner everyday at a particular time for optimum effects. Many mantras have the prerequisite condition of living a celibate lifestyle during this whole procedure. In these times, it is difficult to imagine a normal householder (Grihasta) - one who is in maximum need of a remedial measure sitting under a tree at 4 o'clock early in the morning and doing this practice for several days at a stretch.

The total number of mantras to be chanted is huge. This range is anywhere from 108 to 1,25,000 or more. Besides, it is an established fact that your daily quota of mantra chanting should be same in number as the previous day or more.

One has to be initiated into a mantra by a Guru- the divine preceptor who will teach the finer nuances of the mantra chanting to the individual and also transfer a part of his/ her spiritual strength. This process together is called as Deeksha and Shaktipath .

Mantra chanting has to be in a rhythm with a proper flow of syllables as Mantras basically work by sound waves. For example Hreeng is different from Hreem which in turn is different from Hareeng . Incorrect chanting and choice of wrong mantra creates havoc in an individual's life and brings more problems including delusion. I have seen many families get destroyed by the random and incorrect chanting of the Gayatri Mantra - Yes the most powerful, divine and pure mantra. Individuals start chanting this mantra indiscriminately after reading a web page and the result is frequent quarrels and confrontations at home leading to a vicious atmosphere.

One has to be aware of the fact that most of the mantras have flowed from Shiva and Shakti. At the start of the Kaliyuga (The present time frame) Lord Shiva after observing the abuse of mantras for meeting selfish ends and causing of pain to other individuals made all mantras Kilita , i.e. put a spiritual lock to them. Most of the mantras that we see today are a modified form of the original mantra wherein a particular syllable or a sound factor has been eliminated to create a spiritual lock to make the mantra dysfunctional. To make the mantra an effective one again we have to perform practices such as Utkilana (removal of spiritual lock) and Shapodhara (removal of the spiritual curse). The individuals who are aware of these practices are surely a very rare breed.


The second pathway to alter a karmic life map is Tantra . The word tantra basically means a mechanism or an amalgamation of spiritual procedures to bring the desired result. These include but are not limited to the use Mudras - systematic hand gestures, asanas -yogic postures etc. Efficacy of Tantra is intimately dependent on mantra to yield the desired results. Hence all limitations as listed in mantras apply in this case. You can imagine the result.


The third pathway for karmic life map alteration is Yantra . Yantra is an intricate geometrical diagram drawn while chanting of mantras and has been traditionally considered as the seat of the sacred deities. Energization of Yantras requires strong and consistent mantra sadhna, daily rituals to consecrate the Yantra. This process is required daily and sometime runs anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Limitations such as these render most of the yantras quite ineffective.


Aushadha basically means medicine and is used only in cases of diseases. It has little use in other challenging karmic situations.


Yagya is basically a fire ritual wherein sacred herbs and other sacred material is offered to the fire which in turn acts as their carrier to the sacred deity. Yagya is again dependent on mantras and if you see the limitations of mantras you can guess how effective this remedy is going to be. An unhealthy trend viewed today due to lack of time, patience and devotion is the culture of seemingly short cut Yagyas. These Yagyas have no basis in the shastras and have been basically customized to justify laziness and lack of time and resources. For example the sacred texts mention that Ganpathi Homa- the Yagya of Lord Ganesh should start before in the wee hours of early morning and finish before the sun actually begins to rise on that particular day itself. What we see today is Ganpathi Homa being conducted randomly at any point of the day. The number of mantras is also varied according to time constraints. The result is little or no benefit.

That leaves us with the last resort and the main subject of our discussion, to alter the Karmic life map - Ratna or the gemstone. This sounds too good to be true. Just wear a Gemstone of the representing planet set in a finger ring and just forget everything. Next morning wake up in heaven with all desires fulfilled.

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