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The Color of Your Nails = The Quality of Your Health

Like the skin, the fingernails tell a lot about your health:

Normally, nail beds are peachy-pink because of a healthy supply of blood into the finger tips and toes. When a diet deficiency or disease is present, sometimes the nail beds become discolored or malformed.

When nails are discolored (a color other than peachy-pink), this may be indicative of a diet deficiency or diabetes, allergies, or other diseases.Bluish colored nails generally indicate a lack of oxygen in the blood. This discoloration may be caused by lung disease, such as emphysema, or asthma.

Nails with a greenish color may indicate an infection in the nail bed or somewhere else within body.

To prevent nail problems:

DO NOT bite, pick, or tear at your nails (in severe cases, some people may need counseling or encouragement to stop these behaviors).

Keep hangnails clipped.

Wear shoes that do not squeeze the toes together, and always cut toe nails straight across along the top.

To prevent brittle nails, keep the nails short and do not use nail polish. Use an emollient (skin softening) cream after washing or bathing.

Bring your own manicure tools to nail salons and DO NOT allow the manicurist to work on your cuticles.

Using the vitamin biotin in high doses (5,000 micrograms daily) and clear nail polish that contains protein can help strengthen your nails. Ask your provider about medicines that help with abnormal-appearing nails. If you have a nail infection, you may be prescribed antifungal or antibacterial drugs.

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