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Science behind the chosen particular date for Maha Shivaratri

Shivaratri is intended for purification of Consciousness.

Ravana was a great person who had mastered the Scriptural Texts and who was earnest in Spiritual Observances. Every morning, he used to go the round of many temples of Shiva. He had mastered the four Vedas and the six Shastras and so he was praised and depicted as having ten heads! His Queen, Mandodhari lamented over her husband's defeat and death, at the hands of a mere man leading a host of monkeys! She had learnt from the Shastras that death caused by drowning or by the fall from a tree or through monkeys converts the dead into ghosts that wander in the realms of' darkness. So, she wondered why such a fate overtook the great scholar, the pious devotee, that Ravana was. Then she remembered that the spark of lust that he harboured in his heart had burnt all that scholarship and all that piety into ash! He was not able to control his senses or sublimate the sensory urges. Vishnu Killed Ravana.

We have not only the Mahashivaratri once a year, we have a Shivarathri every month, dedicated to the worship of Shiva. And, why is the Rathri (the Night), so important? The night is dominated by the Moon. The Moon has 16 kalas (fractions of divinity), and each day or rather night, during the dark fortnight, one fraction is reduced, until the entire Moon is annihilated on New Moon night. From then on, each night, a fraction is added, until the Moon is full circle on Full Moon Night. The Chandra (Moon) is the presiding deity of the mind; the mind waxes and wanes, like the Moon. “Chandrama-manaso jataha”--Out of the manas of the Purusha (Supreme Being), the Moon was born. During the dark fortnight of the month, sadhana-Meditation has to be done to eliminate each day. Shiva alone has to be meditated upon that night without the mind straying towards thoughts of sleep or food. This has to be done every month; once a year, on a fraction of the mind, for, every day, a fraction of the Moon too is being taken out of cognisance. On the night of Chaturdashi, the 14th day, the night of Shiva, only a fraction remains. If some special effort is made that night, through more intensive and vigilant sadhana Maha-Shivarathri a special spurt of spiritual activity is recommended, so that what is shavam (corpse) can become Shivam (God), Pure Consciousness.

The real Moon for man is in the firmament of his' heart,' where the mind and the intelligence (the real Sun) revolve. When that Moon is mastered, Shivam illumines the Night, and it is transmuted into Shivaratri.Or else, it is shava-raathri (the Night of death). When man sleeps unaware of himself and of his divinity, he is as a corpse.

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