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What’s the Ideal Dress Style According to Your Body Type?

If you are going to prom but can’t figure out which dress you should buy, we are here to help. Following, we are going to name the most popular dress styles according to different body types.

Apple to Busty

If you are looking for Plus Size Prom Dresses, you might as well choose from the following styles:

Two-Piece Beaded

These are popular since 2018 and are ideal for voluminous bodies. These dresses accentuate middle section and thus make an ideal choice for less-defined waistlines. It has a voluminous bottom section which adds body to the area. The upper crop emphases bust area, so try to bead it out. Pair this dress with small earrings, nothing too heavy.

Long Sleeveless

Its idea if you want to create some volume for the longer part while accentuating the bust and appealing to the waistline. The visual balance should be preserved, so no necklace.  

Flutter Sleeve Short

It creates a striking effect by emphasizing your legs, and neckline. Choose a dress with V-neckline for increased visual appeal.

Deep V-Neckline

Ideal for wide torso as it creates the context if you are going to wear a long dress with carefully designed straps. They emphasize your torso while creating a central point of waistline. These dresses don’t have a visible waistline. Add some volume to the upper section and put a stunning accent on your legs. Try a deep slight on legs if you want to emphasize on them.


It works with every apple shaped body. The off-shoulder section creates the visual effect of an hourglass white while the high slit balances the whole thing.

Slender to Lean

The following dresses are ideal for girls with lean and slim body types:

V-Neck Fitted

V-neck draws attention to collarbones and accentuates your figure.

Empire Waist

If you have a short empire waist dress, then it will accentuate your legs. The waistline puts emphases on slender waistline while high neck creates volume in the upper part of the body. The shoulders are also highlighted.


Mermaid Prom Dresses are created for slender and delicate girls. If you worked hard on maintaining your figure, its time you show it off.

High-Neck Long

In case you like the princess style dresses, then try such dress. They come with a flowing bottom which is high slit. It makes your body look long and balanced. The sleeveless upper part compliments you perfectly. Go without a necklace as the high neckline of dress will make it hard for you to integrate any accessories.


If you want to accentuate your perfect waistline, a dress with wait cuts will help your case. If you worked on your waistline, show it with small cuts and make your appearance look more cinched. But not everything is bold enough to do so.

Line Short Lace Dress

It doesn’t matter what type of your body is, your legs are always worthy of showing off. A short dress will help you do it masterfully. A-line shape of bottom part of such dress hide a few generous bottoms and creates visually appealing balance.

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