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Why Honesty Is Important In A Friendship

Friends are as our outer family defending our feelings just like the closed walls of the house ready to defend any danger coming from four sides. They have lots of contribution in developing our outer trust layer around us with the relation name friendship. And if there is no honesty then friendship has no meanings. Why is honesty important in a friendship? Friendship tells who we are to others. Their significance in life is beyond description. Friendship is important to all of us. You may have thousands of friends, but if you don’t have a true friend then your life is not accomplished. During our studies from elementary school to universities, we have lots of fellows. Among them, we choose special ones for our friendship. Whatever, in any friendship, honesty is the basic manner.

Our parents feel affection for us because they are the ones bring us to this world. Our sisters and brothers love us because they are born with us. But friends are something different. Friends feel affection for us without any such stipulation or relation. They completely care and are devoted to us without any hope or assurances. We get a hold to share the largest part of love and relation with friends. Friends, who remain true to each other and never lie or hide or even never act for anything and enjoy their friendship at all stages of life.

Few Reasons Why it is Important In a Friendship

Healthy and mature growth of friendship is based on Honesty.

We become friends to many when we start schooling. With the passage of time we meet different fellows, and among them, a few remain with us for a long time. In those few ones, we find those who remain honest to us and we trust in them. The relationship in school results in friendship and it grows on if honesty stays among them. A healthy friendship is always based on honesty and it grows if the friends remain true to each other.

Honesty is a secret of successful friendship

Why is honesty important in a friendship? We all believe that no relationship is successful without honesty. Self-respect and being trustworthy are the most important things in friendship. An honest friend stands with you at every stage of life. So, it is important, to be honest with friends in order to have an everlasting friendship with them.

Honesty is liberating element in Friendship

No one is perfect as we all make mistakes in our life. We usually make such mistakes upon which we regret. Honesty in friendship lets go any kind of unhealthy conditions and discourages the associations which have no healthier effect of well-being. Instead, honesty allows the beautiful and mature friendship to grow and loom.

Honesty- the good stuff

Being honest is not just about tackling problems and issues, or things that are worrying us. We should also be honest and true to our friends about the things they are good at, or any things we like about them. In case we like the way they are dressed, we tell them. Or even, if your friend passes the exam, you have to encourage him/her and take a part of their joyfulness. Simply, it is very important, to be honest with friends in order to make a friendship alive.

Friends Trust when No one else can

Sometimes, you fall in a situation when no one believes you and you want to speak to one who can listen to you and trust you. During those such bad times, friends come to you and talk to you about your problems and troubles and stand with you while no one else can. Friends put forward their shoulders to get rid of your tears at the time of disheartening or any other motivational situations when it is extremely hard to passionate. They are available every moment for us to give affectionate warm arms and enfold us away from the unsympathetic conditions.

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