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I did my part, what about you?

I am active participant on social media discussing, debating current affairs in India including upcoming elections in 2019.

If you listen into kid’s conversations, you hear them use two very powerful words 'Love' and 'Hate' a lot, there is no middle ground.

Sometimes as adults, it is NOT always a binary choice to make and case in point is our love towards our motherland and adopted motherland.

There was a story about Mahatma Gandhi on how he refused to advice a kid on why eating too many sweets is bad and when asked by a mother on what’s stopping him, he said ‘I should practice what I preach'.

I did my part by voting this mid-term here in US. We have plenty of options on when and how you can vote including absentee ballots, early voting and election day voting. you need to vote in order to make your voice heard.

Voting indeed makes a difference, no matter which candidate you support.

My movie Spices of Liberty did show these traits about Indian scriptures and how those values can integrate with US being a spiritual nation. The choice was left for the audience to see the movie as half full or half empty.

Do your part to express your love for USA by participating in this year elections.

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