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Another Wife of AGNI "SVADHA DEVI"

Hi Guys in Previous article we got an idea of SWAHA DEVI and now its time to know about "SVADHA DEVI" another wife of god "AGNI".

"Svadha Devi" is an enricher of Pitru Trupti and Shraddhaas

Formation of "SWADHA" : At the start of creation, Brahma created seven kinds of Pitra or ancestor. Out of them four were with form and three were formless. On creating them he apportioned their food through shradh-tarpan offered with devotion by their family members. Though Brahma devised this whole plan but whatever the brahmins offered to their pitras that did not reach them and hence all of them went to Brahma. On hearing everything a Shakti appeared from the Brahma who was extremely young and beautiful and had all the great qualities. She was smiling and she was named SWADHA. She had all the attributes of bhagwati Laxmi. She was sitting on a white lotus and was made wife of the pitras. It was advised that whosoever will offer things with three times chanting AISH SWADHA ASTU, shall be delivered to the pitras. Just by chanting this three times one gets the fruits of shradh, tarpan and bali.

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