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CHAYA PASUSPU (Cucuma Aromatic)

Who doesn't know about the skin benefits of regular turmeric? The common kitchen ingredient in India is also widely used in a number of skincare products. But do you know that there is another version of this ancient herb, which can make you look absolutely flawless without even that yellow stain? Well, we are talking about Kasturi turmeric the gift of nature for our skin. Read on to know more about how this natural ingredient can help you ditch all expensive facials and beauty treatments.

Kasturi Turmeric (scientifically called as Cucuma Aromatic) is also known as "Kasturi Manjal" or Wild Turmeric. As the name suggests, it is a significant one among many turmeric varieties. It is a yellow-colored herb with a Subterranean shape, which is typically characterized by irregular branches and thick, dark yellow-colored flesh. Kasturi Turmeric is mostly found in South Asia and has long been used as a natural beauty product. However, the applications of Kasturi Turmeric is mostly limited to external purposes. It cannot be used in cooking as a spice like regular turmeric.

Here are some skin benefits offered by the herb:

Improves skin tone and the overall complexion.

Gives a blemish-free, naturally glowing skin.

Reduces acne and its scars effectively.

Slows down the growth of facial hair.

Heals skin infections and insect bites.

Treats several skin ailments including eczema.

Prevents and fades away stretch marks.

Works as a bath powder for babies.

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