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Guru Graha Planet of wisdom

Hello Viewers, Now we see what is guru Graha. Does Guru Graha Effects our life?

Guru Graha is also Known as Jupiter or Brihaspati, is the planet of learning and wisdom. This planet, when placed at the favourable position in a horoscope, can bring amazing positive effects. A positive Jupiter is capable enough to overcome other malefic planets. This is why people with positive Jupiter are considered very lucky.

However, despite its benevolent nature, Jupiter sometimes sit in the weak location in your horoscope and causes Guru dosha or weak Jupiter. A weak Jupiter can have adverse effects on the life of a person. Also, it can bring misfortunes in the native's life. Some of the other troubles you might face due to weak Jupiter are:

A person with weak Jupiter may suffer lack of knowledge

Due to weak Jupiter, the image of a person may suffer in society

Weak Jupiter may bring disrespect to you

Other people can easily dominate a person with weak Jupiter

A person with weak Jupiter will face familial disputes & problems in married life

He will experience delay in marriage

He will experience instability in life

Sudden change in the personality

Apart from the above-mentioned problems, a native with weak Jupiter will suffer umpteen troubles. However, there is no need to get worried; Astrology has sound ways, which can increase the power of Jupiter in your horoscope. You can increase the power of Jupiter by using gemstones. Other than this, various pujas can also be performed to help your Jupiter. However, these simple remedies can also impart strength to your Jupiter:

You can apply paste of turmeric or orange sandalwood on your forehead

Wear yellow colour jewellery (specifically gold) can also strengthen your Jupiter

Wearing yellow colour in your day-to-day life also helps

Donate turmeric to a temple for consecutive 8 days before starting anything new

Feed Jaggery to the cow on Thursdays

Observing fast on Thursday also strengthens your Jupiter

You can worship Lord Vishnu and chant Vishnu Sahasranamam

Chant Guru Mantra daily for 28 or 108 times (Guru Mantra "Om Gram Greem Grom Saha Gurve Namah!)

To strengthen your Jupiter, observe fast and listen to Satyanarayan Katha on every Purnima

You can also wear Topaz in the index finger. Make sure that you first wear this ring on Thursday

Applying butter oil on Shivlinga is also a powerful remedy to overcome the malefic Jupiter

It is necessary that you achieve balance in your Jupiter, instead of making it strong. If you already have a strong Jupiter in your horoscope, you should not try to make it stronger, as it could attract negative effects and ill health.

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