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Radha Krishna in Nidhivan

India is a country where we can find numerous mysterious places. Some are still unknown to us and some are yet to be explored. The beautiful Nidhivan Temple in Vrindavan of Mathura district is the place where Lord Krishna childhood passed and it is also called as Bankey Bihari Temple. But a mystery is associated with the Nidhivan Temple.

Nidhivan is the Bankey Bihari, Temple and also called as Murlidhar, Kanha, Giridhar and Leeladhar temple. Shri Krishna is the eighth avatar of Lord Vishu as believed. He was the 8th son of Devaki and Vasudev. Nidhivan is a scared temple of Bankey Bihari in Vrindavan. The major part of the temple is lavished with huge busy forests. The temple is named from Nidhi means treasure and van meaning forest. Everywhere there is greenery and twisted trees. The amazing thing about forest is that there are wells, all roots, branches and trunk of trees but they are hollow. Nothing can be found in the name of life and the temple is also really dry-still the wigs of twig and the leaves are lively and green and they remain green throughout the year.

There are many stories and myths associated with the Nidhivan Temple. It is said that Lord Krishna comes here every night and perform spiritual activities called as Raslila with Radha and all his gopis. Inside the temple there is a statue of Lord Krishna and Radha beautifully decorated. The surrounding park of the temple is covered with small trees known as Vana Tulsi ( Basil Trees ) and as per myth, Swami Haridas was a spiritual and divine sage, a great devotee of Lord Krishna. The dedicated devotion of Haridas compelled Shri Krishna to appear in front of him. The place of appearance of Lord Krishna os now called as PrkatyaSathal (place of appearance of Shree Bankey Bihari Ji )

It is believed that after the closure of Nidhivan Temple the Lord Krishna & Radha appear and perform Ras Leela and if anyone sees these activities, the concerned person becomes dumb, deaf and even blind. The person is not capable of disclosing the activities to anyone in the morning. Inside the Rang Mahal, the priest puts toothbrushes every day, a sarees, bangles, paan leaves and some holy water in jug with few sweets and a ready bed after aarti in the night. In the morning, everything is found scattered as if someone has used it. So after evening premises no one is allowed inside the premise. Even the monkeys leave the Nidhivan temple after evening aarti.

The native and the people who stays near by are well aware of the miracles. After the evening Aarti, the windows in front of the Nidhivan temple gets closed till morning. No body can dare to see Radhe-Krishna Rasleela. Some people have heard the sound of Ghungroos (Musical Anklet) at night.

Nidhivan Mystery 2

The another mysterious facts of Nidhivan is the shape and the size of the trees covering this place. The trees are short and intertwined with each other. The trees are of same size and height. It is believed that the trees are the Gopis and their intertwinded shape is the arome of love between them. The trees are devoid of birds nest and insects. The Holy place and the tree is believed to be the favorite of Lord Krishna.

Renowned historians and scientist have visited Vrindavan to unlock the mystery of that place but came empty-handed and was convinced that it is really a place of the Lord.

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