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Iha Bharadwaj - STRANDED

My name is IhaBharadwaj and here is the story of how became an author! My mother tells me I had started ‘reading’ at the age of 1 when on my first birthday my mother gifted me a book series called ‘Noddy’. I was so mesmerized by the characters and the books that I could identify them even when they were in the foreground on a page! My love for books continued to grow. My mother tells me that I was a very observant child and I could recreate situations and scenes with a lot of details, not only in drawing and painting, but also in writing. When I was 7, I told my mother that I want to participate in the Young Author’s Faire in our school district. I wrote 3 chapters in the book titled – “All my wonderful adventures” and my book was selected for the faire.

My association with writing continued and I went on to write another book called “Katie’s Adventure” which was a story of a girl who could change shapes from a mermaid to a fairy to a human!! It was published in 2014 and I got so encouraged by all the kids and the parents who read it that I could imagine myself to be as successful as my idol J.K. Rowling!!!

Since then, I wrote many stories, books and finally “Stranded” came. The idea started from the story about a boy and a girl and their adventures in Australia. But as I continued to write, the idea morphed into this beautiful plot. Stranded is an adventure realistic fiction book and is a story of 14-year old American girl Nora and his 7-year old brother Nolan that got stranded when their plane crashed. This is not only a story of remarkable and unimaginable courage and determination but also a discovery of the strength of sibling love that is tested at the time of such adversity.

I wanted to have Ms. Sushma Swaraj, Honorable Minister of External Affairs, Government of India provide a foreword for my book. I chose her because she also helps lots of stranded Indian folks and helps them reach home. We sent her the copy and she liked it a lot and graciously provided a foreword! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the official letter arrive at our home!!!!!

EMAIL: bhawnasandeep@yahoo.com

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