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Stuck on the Road? Donít panic assistance is around the corner

Drivers in Texas have a distinct advantage over other states. The state DMV not only provides emergency roadside assistance, but also sends out a state trooper to ensure that everything is fine with stranded motorists.

How does one access emergency roadside assistance?
Your Texas driver's license has a phone number on the back, just above the bar code on the lower left side: 1-800-525-5555. The number is in fine print, so not many would have noticed. This number can be called for emergency assistance on the highway or wherever you might have trouble while in your car.

A service truck will be sent to you. This service is state operated, and paid for with your tax dollars. If you are ever stranded, just call the number on your driver's license...help is on the way. A state trooper will be sent to make sure all is well.

Apr 20 2009

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