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FunAsia Hindu Priest Narasimha Murthy
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Techfios EB5 opportunity Arella on Jones
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    Husband sent an sms to wife:
    thanks for making my life wonderful and being a part of my life. What ever
    i am is only because of u, u r my angel thanks for coming in my life and making
    it worth living. You're great.
    She replied that sms: pee li na ? Ab chup chap ghar aa jao.. Daro...more
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Omega Travels Srinivas Ready Real Estate
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    Love is an energy which exists of itself. It is its own value. Thornton Wilder
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    Aluminium/Steel vessels
    To get rid of black stains from aluminum or steel vessels rub them with charcoal pieces. They will shine like new.
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    The cockroach is the fastest animal on 6 legs covering a meter a second.
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