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Buddha – Manifestation of Silence

When Buddha got enlightened on the full moon day in the month of May, he kept silent. For a whole week he did not say a word. Mythology says that all the angels in the heaven got frightened and said, "Once in a millennium someone blossoms so fully like Buddha. Now he is silent, is not saying a word!" It is said all the angels approached Buddha and asked him to say something, please speak something.

Buddha said, "Those who know, they know, even without my saying, and those who do not know, they will not know by my words. Any description of life to a blind man is of no use. One who has not tasted the ambrosia of existence, of life, no point in talking to them about it. So I am silent," he said. How can you convey something so intimate, something so personal? Words cannot. And many scriptures in the past have declared, "Words end where truth begins." The argument was very good.

But the angels said, "Yes, we agree, what you say is right. But, Buddha, consider those who are on the borderline. There are a few who are in between, who are neither fully enlightened nor totally ignorant. For them, a few words will give a push. For their sake, you speak something, say something. And every word of yours will create that silence. For the purpose of words are to create silence. If words create more noise, then they have not reached their goal." And Buddha's words would definitely create the silence, because Buddha is the manifestation of silence.

Silence is the source of life, and is the cure for diseases. You might have noticed when people are angry, they keep silent. Either they shout a lot, and after shouting they become silent. Or when you are sad you say, "Leave me alone." You keep a long face and keep silent.

You can easily make out whether someone is in the right mind or not. If they are very silent, then you know something wrong. If you are sad, you go and become silent. People put their head down and they keep silent. And if you are ashamed, you become silent. And if you are wise, you become silent. And when you are confronted with ignorance and useless questions, you become silent. What can you do?

When Jesus was asked to prove, "Are you the son of God?" he kept silent. That was the wisest thing to do. When you are demanded for proof of something which is beyond proof, the remedy is silence. You are telling someone you have a pain in your leg, and they ask you, "Come on, prove it to me, how do I believe you?" How can you prove your pain?

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