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ekNazar.com, is the most comprehensive source of information and infotainment for the Indian community. Primarily started with Dallas as dallas.ekNazar.com ekNazar.com is aiming to spread rapidly to most of the major US and other cities across the globe. By virtue of its enviable position as a focussed and comprehensive online local info provider, ekNazar.com offers our sponsors/advertisers a powerful tool to reach the vast and diverse Indian community. The high percentage of tech savvy professionals gives our advertisers a unique opportunity to tap into this highly sought-after market segment. Sponsors and businesses can leverage our vantage to their benefit by advertising through our site.

We have the following categories for advertising on ekNazar: Sponsored Links
This provides the simplest means of boosting the visibility of your business by means of listing your details in the very first page under the Sponsored Links category. Ads Only
This category involves placing banner ads of varying sizes from

Small Banner: 140 X 40 (Pixel)

Big Banner: 350 X 45 (Pixel)

on the front page or any of the main pages of the inner sections Placing the ads in the specific sections on the inner pages provides more targeted audience, while aggressive advertisers can choose putting the ad on the front page.

Ads with Coupons
In this method the business generally gives some form of discount on their merchandise through our website. The users generally are directed to a page with a coupon, which can be printed and produced to the respective merchant to claim the discount. This form of campaigning would compliment the traditional form of printing & posting the discount coupons in the discount vouchers, print media etc. Ads in this method are generally charged smaller compared to the ads without discount coupons for the same size and position.

While the above categories gives the general outline adopted for advertising on ekNazar, we can tailor and come up with a package which suits and fits your specific business needs. For more details, please contact us with the following details:
* your line of business
* your contact information

Our Marketing Department Contact Number - 888-ekNazar (888-356-2927)

Thank You.

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