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Turn A New Page In Life: Stop Giving Chances To People Who Don’t Deserve Them

Do you know how capable of love and greatness you are? Are you aware of the beauty you carry in that vulnerable heart of yours?

Tons of love and light lurking underneath that luminous soul.

You, my friend, are a real masterpiece. You are what people call “one in a million”. You are someone who loves deeply. You are someone who cannot imagine their life without love. You are someone who is honest and outspoken. Someone who believes in the good in people.

You are you, and you don’t have to apologize for it.

Since when it is a sin to care? Since when it is a sin to wear your heart on the sleeve?

Buttercup, you act like you’ve forgotten your worth.

You chase after people who don’t appreciate the things you give them. You chase after people who do not FIGHT for you.

I mean, I get it. Sometimes, we all have to be on the receiving end of indifference, but has this gotten to be your habit? Have you, at some point in life, been hurt and disappointed beyond repair and you thought every new relationship will be like that too? Have you embraced relationships with people that do not make you happy as some sort of a shield? If you know what you are getting into, then you will not end up as hurt. Because you know what to expect. Yes, I know this is what you are thinking and there were times when that thought has crossed my mind too.

But, please, stop. You have always been good; you have always cherished love and appreciation, and you’ve given that to the person you are with abundantly. But you know what? You do not deserve someone who takes you for granted.

You need to understand that some people would still hurt you if they had the chance because that’s who they are. Toxic. Incapable of love. Selfish. Still dealing with their childhood traumas they cannot overcome once and for all. It’s not personal. Don’t bang your head against the wall over those people. Stop your heart from aching over them.

You are not unlovable as you may think. You are not the problem as you always think you are. There is nothing wrong with being high on love and wanting more attention from your partner, more investment, more effort. It’s just some people cannot see you for who you are. Love can change someone from the core, but only if that person wants to change. And it’s not up to you to save them.

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URL: https://curiousmindmagazine.com/turn-a-new-page-in-life-stop-giving-chances-to-people-who-dont-deserve-them/

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