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Eclipse During pregnancy

There is no evidence to suggest that an eclipse can harm a pregnant mum or her baby.

Eclipses are seen all over the world and in many countries there is no tradition of staying indoors during one. However, in many cultures, an eclipse is considered a bad omen.

There are some superstitions that an eclipse can cause deformities such as a cleft lip or unsightly birthmarks, but the scientific evidence does not support this belief.

If you or your family are concerned about the effects of an eclipse, there is no harm in following the customs. After all, it is just for a few hours and if it offers you and your family peace of mind, it is probably worth it.

But if you cannot stay indoors and abide by the usual dos and don'ts, or just don't want to, rest assured that this does not necessarily mean that your baby will come to harm or be born with a birthmark.

Some of the common restrictions believed to keep a pregnant mum and her baby safe during an eclipse include:

not using any sharp object such as a knife, scissors or a needle for the duration of the eclipse

not eating anything for the duration of the eclipse

resting as much as possible during the eclipse

covering the windows with newspaper or thick curtains so that no rays of the eclipse enter the home

throwing away all cooked food from before the eclipse

taking a bath after the eclipse is over

If you follow these precautions strictly, be careful not to go too long without food or drink. Some families believe that an expecting woman should not drink water during an eclipse. However, this can put you at risk of dehydration, especially if the eclipse is during summer. And fasting for a long time can cause:




dizzy spells

severe acidity

If you have any of these symptoms talk to your doctor right away.

If you are out and about during an eclipse, one precaution you do need to take is to protect your eyes. In an eclipse, it is possible to look directly at the sun without much discomfort to your eyes at the time. But doing so can cause severe damage to your eyes without you even knowing it.

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