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Become a Data Scientist and go places.

Oct 3rd 2018, Location: Dallas,Texas   Map  

Make Data Science Your New Career With

Practical Data Science

Do you like challenges? Challenges that are truly life changing and possibly disrupt
what we know all along.

Data Science is that branch of science and career that will allow you to build
software solutions that can save lives by reliably and economically diagnose cancer,
identify fraud in financial transactions, optimize traffic and even help you spend
money wisely.

However, a career in Data Science can be elusive and intimidating. To be successful
in a Data Science career path, one must understand and get hands-on experience
with the core tenets of mathematics/statistics, computer programming and domain

We are proud to introduce a comprehensive job ready track to democratize data
science career opportunities.

Foundations Of Data Science

If you haven't worked with data before or not sure what it takes to learn data science,
this Foundations course will train on all essential skills you need to work with data
and build the foundation for jump starting your career in Data Science.

Practical Data Science

Python has won the wars and is one of the most sought after skills for a Data
Scientist. You will learn and master Data Science with Python. Beginning from data
frames to underpinnings of linear algebra to data visualization to Natural Language
processing, you will become proficient with applying data science in real-world

Data Science I

* Welcome
* Introduction to Python
* Advanced Python
* Data Frames
* SQL in Python
* Advanced SQL
* Data Modeling
* Introduction to Statistics
* Linear Algebra
* Working with NumPy
* Array Shape Manipulation
* N-Dimensional Arrays in Python
* Essentials of machine learning
* Data Visualization
* Introduction to Linear Regression

Data Science II

* Data Science Workflow
* Logistic Regression
* Advanced Logistic Regression : Modeling and Implementation
* Support Vector Machines
* Unsupervised Learning
* Decision Trees
* Natural Language Processing

Practical Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a rapidly evolving field where you can train computer to make
sense of data, reveal patterns and help predict the future. You will get to solve
interesting and world changing problems, tinker with some of the amazing algorithms
and learn to solutions that know how to learn on their own. Here is an outline of what
we cover in Practical Machine Learning.

* Welcome
* Linear Algebra
* Probability
* Discrete Distributions or Probability Mass Functions (PMFs)
* Continuous Distributions
* Introduction to Linear Regression
* Advanced Linear Regression
* Logistic Regression
* Logistic Regression: Model Building and Implementation
* Support Vector Machines (SVMs)
* Advanced k-means
* Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE)
* Gaussian Mixture Models (GMMs)
* Linearly Inseparable Datasets
* DBScan
* Spectral Clustering
* Agglomerative Clustering
* Jensens Inequality

About Colaberry

More than 3500 dreamers call Colaberry their home for guided job ready boot camp
programs to help realize their American Dream.

Colaberry has been offering Job Ready immersive and intensive bootcamp
programs since 2011 with a revolutionary gamified learning platform. Our gamified,
goal based learning platform trains you on key technical skills and critical
communication & collaboration skills and builds the muscle memory of a seasoned
professional to jump start your career and deliver exceptional results on the job.

Colaberry School Of Data Analytics
3737 Mapleshade Ln
Plano, TX 75075


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