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100% FREE SQL Training Starting March 27 FREE

Dec 1st 2017, Location: Multiple,Texas

Thank you to all FREE SQL alumni, you made me feel proud of you, seeing your high demand I am back with new SQL batch starting Mar 27, my SQL classes allows you to receive the highest quality of basic to advance SQL.

Expert trainer with more than 10 years of IT experience in BI area, I love sharing my knowledge, so far I have trained 710+ person in SQL using ORACLE, SQL Server, Teradata etc., I am going to start a new SQL batch starting 27th of Mar.
Intended audience:
-> Any one who has minimum bachelor degree
-> Any one who wants to jump into IT industry
-> Any one who is current working in QA or ETL or BI Reporting, but don't have enough confidence in writing SQL
-> Any one who wants to become an expert in SQL query
-> Any one who is committed to learn SQL
There will be 3 classes in a week and training will make you SQL expert in 4-5 weeks.

This training will be covered using ORACLE and also below tools will be also covered during training:
1. Microsoft SQL server management studio
2. ORACLE SQL Developer

I will help all candidate installing ORACLE and SQL Developer in your computer
For your information:
-> I am highly skilled SQL Trainer
-> I will take online Classes through webex
-> New Batch starting from Mar 27, 2018 at 7:00 PM CST
-> There will total 12 to 14 classes (All classes are free)
-> Interactive session with lot of real time examples

Note: Don't miss learning Opportunities from a expert Volunteer

Just send me an Email : learnittoolsgmail.com with subject line "SQL Training"

Agenda of FREE SQL training

Overview of relational database management concepts and terminologies
Retrieving Data using the SQL SELECT Statement
Restricting and Sorting Data
Using Single-Row Functions to Customize Output
Using Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions
Reporting Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions
Displaying Data From Multiple Tables Using Joins
Using Subqueries to Solve Queries
Using the SET Operators
Managing Tables using DML statements
Introduction to Data Definition Language
Introduction to Data Dictionary Views
Creating Sequences, Synonyms, Indexes
Creating Views
Grouping and Aggregating Data Using SQL
Hierarchical Retrieval
Analyzing and Reporting Data Using SQL
Pattern Matching using SQL

YES this is absolutely free with FULL satisfaction guarantee!!!

Please email me at learnittoolsgmail.com for registering your name.

Many person ask this question. Why FREE training ?
There are multiple reasons some of them are :
Many of you want to work in IT, but you don't know if IT is best suited for your or not? This training will give you answer.
My focus is on placement not earning through training.
Moreover I love to share my knowledge and experience.

And also FREE High Quality Hadoop / BigData Training coming soon

Just send an email to learnittoolsgmail.com for registration with subject line "Hadoop Training"

Prerequisites Knowledge of SQL and any programming language (like C, C++, Java, Python etc.) are assumed, as is basic Linux command-line familiarity.

Course Contents:
Cloudera Distribution
Hadoop Fundamentals
Introduction to Hadoop Ecosystem
Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
Basic JAVA
Apache Kafka
Hadoop in the Cloud - Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Who can join:
Anyone who has minimum bachelor degree
Anyone who knows at least one programming language like C, C++, Java, Python
Anyone who is committed to learn

-->Highly skilled BigData Trainer
-->Online Classes through Webex
-->Starting in couple of weeks
-->Three classes (Mon, Tue and Thus) in a week and two classes on weekend
-->Total 30+ classes (The duration of this course is approx two month)
-->All classes are free
-->Interactive session with lot of live or real examples
-->As this is FREE, think each class is real class
-->All class id real class, no demo class

Due to huge volume of call, I prefer only Email communication. If you want to know more about our Training & Placement Program then email me at learnittoolsgmail.com

Coming soon FREE Data Science Training

Basics of R Programming
What is R
How to install R / R Studio ?
How to install R packages ?
Basics Of Statistics
Data Types
Stat Basics
What is Hypothesis Testing
Machine Learning
What is ML and why it is Used
Basics of ML
What is Predective Modeling & why it is used
What is text analytics & why it is used
Regression Models (Linear Regression , Logistic Regression)
Decession Trees
Time Series Models
Clustering techniques
Boosting techniques
Deep Learning & Neuralnet works and how they work
Basic computations in R
Essentials of R Programming
Data Types and Objects in R
Control Structures (Functions) in R
Useful R Packages
Exploratory Data Analysis in R
Basic Graphs
Treating Missing values
Working with Continuous and Categorical Variables
Data Manipulation in R
Feature Engineering
Label Encoding / One Hot Encoding
Predictive Modeling using Machine Learning in R
Linear Regression
Logistic Regression
Decision Tree
Random Forest

Thank You,

Contact: Kumar

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