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Pan Cake Recipe

By: Abhista
Region: Indian
Dish:Vegetarian - Desserts


Half bowl refined floar
1 egg
1 glass milk
1 small grated apple
2 walnuts finely grated
20-25 pieces of resins
2 big spoon crushed sugar
1 big spoon butter
Pinch of salt
Honey and cherry for garnishing


Step 1: First of all add salt, apple, walnuts and raisins with refined flour properly.

Step 2: Add egg in above preparation and beat up nicely. Take another pan and add milk and sugar on it. When sugar gets mixed properly, add refined flour in it.

Step 3: Now put butter in a pan and melt it. Pour above preparation and spread it. Cook it on a low flame from both sides till it gets golden brown.

Step 4: Now serve it after putting cherry and honey on it.


This cake recipe is treasure trove for dessert lovers. This easy cake recipe can tickle your taste buds with its unique mild sweetness. Its crunchy walnut taste will surely amaze you. Enjoy this easy cake recipe with your kids and make your weekend more special.

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