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Sourness in idli r dosa batter add coconut milk in it , it reduces the sourness...as well as add onion, coriender leaf, green chilli while making dosas, this even take our the sourness
STOMACH PROBLEM Add 2 spoons of dania seed (coriender seeds) and dry fry in a pan, put of the stove and add four cups of water ...after 3 hours filter the water n store it in a bottle...this can b given upto 2 spoons for 1-2 yrs kids and 1/4 glass for above 2 yrs kids...it cures stomach problem since dania coolness to the body...even elder people can take this water when the body has too much of heat..
crispy dosa usually people greese the pan with onion before putting the batter..but instead of onion u can use a half cut potato n greese the pan...so that u can take the dosa very easily form the pan as well as it comes very crispier without sticking to it
Cut, Peel onions without tears whenver u buy onions..keep the onions in the fridgge and when u have to use them take them out from the fridge and cut them....u will have no tears.0
TO GLITTER THE GLASS ITEMS wipe the glass items like mirror, glass windows etc with chock piece powder (a very fine powder), so that they will glitter like a new one
pimples vanish without leaving scars Make smooth powder out of cinnamon stick and store in airtight container.while applying to face ,take some powder and make a paste by adding 2drops of lemon juice and apply it on pimple.do this regularly ,so that eventually pimple vanishes without leaving scar behind and again in future pimples will never appear in the spot where you applies cinnamon paste(new pimples will never come in the old pimple spot).
Shining Teeth For Strengthening ur teeth to get a shine on ur teeth,use a pinch of salt on the tooth paste u use. do it for a week n c the change. trust me u will enjoy smiling.
excess salt in a curry if in any food item excess salt is present ,,, make small balls of wheat flour with water{like how u make for chapathi } put in the food item , it will absorb the excess salt. later u can remove those balls.
An easy way of setting curd Boil the milk and let the milk cooldown until lukewarm. Pour some curd into milk and stir with a spoon. Take a red chilli and tear it into pieces and place 2 to 3 pieces on top of milk. Place the container inside the oven. Curd will be formed within 1/2 day!!!!
Good immunity Try to drink 1 glass of green tea every day to have an excellent immunity system...by the way do not forget to add lime juice to it....
For good health Consume a bowl of sprouts everyday for a good amount of protein in your body. It can make you strong and healthy.
Gold Articles The gold will become more brighter if it is cleaned in pumpkin juice.
Rosy LIps Massage your lips with coriander leaf juice for soft and rosy lips.
Hair Conditioner Mix an egg yolk with 2 teaspoons of castor oil and massage into your hair. Rinse and wash your hair as usual afterwards.
Soft hands To make your soft hands simply apply little amount of almonds oil. you will get rid off the hardness within one week. TRY IT!!
Stains from cooker For removing the stains from the pressure cooker, use a lemon peel or add a tablespoon of lemon juice while cooking. using lemon peel in fridge and in trash bags controls any bad odours.
softer idly add little amount of sagu with urid dhal to have softer idlies.
Teeth whitening tip Mix few drops of lime juice with baking soda and brush your teeth with this for 4 to 5 minutes once in every two days and in some days you shall see considerably whiter teeth. Remember not to overdo this as you might end up making your gums and tongue sore.
While making pesara punukulu add little rice flour.It takes very less oil while deep frying and also you get crispy punukulu.
To heel cracks on foot. Take little coconut oil and add it to little vaseline.Apply this mixture on cracks for a week in the night time..with in 7days foot will be soft and clear.
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