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Enlightenment - Being Connected

Enlightenment broadly means the realization or the acquisition of new wisdom or understanding. It is a destructive process. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightement is the crumbling away of untruth. It's seeing through the facad of pretence. It's the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.

Your inner mind is connected with the inner space of your home. If you want something, your mind receives it first and then starts finding out and receives the desired information. Now with whichever space you are connected, the mind also gets connected to that place. Automatically, the information starts streaming in. The space of your building and your inner mind will do their work, whether or not your desire is manifested. You will manifest whatever you want by creating a perfect alignment between your mind and the space.

You first have to understand how this happens and the methods that follow the laws of nature and then create a space to give you the life you crave for. It should be ‘This space and this building should help me to experience enlightenment and create the life I want’. It should not be ‘I want something but the space is working in some other manner’. It may be said that the house is the hardware, just like the one in the computer. There is some software by default. They are working by their standards, but the level of productivity that you want is not there because you have not put in your own software.

Stages of Enlightenment

The first stage is Sotapanna which means “one who enters the stream.” Known to have “opened the eye of the Dharma,” a stream-enterer will reaches arahantship within seven rebirths upon opening the eye of the Dharma.

A stream-enterer has attained an intuitive grasp of the Buddha’s teachings and absolute faith in the Triple Gem, he or she will not be reborn in any plane lower than the human (Hell, Hungry Spirit, and Animal)

The second stage is Sakadagami which means “one who once comes”. The once-returner will at most return to the realm of the senses (the lowest being human and the highest being the devas) one more time.

The once-returner has fewer than seven rebirths, not one more rebirth as the name suggests, because a non-retuner can take multiple rebirths in the five “Pure Abodes”. However, they will have one more rebirth in the realm of the senses, excluding the planes of Hell, Hungry Spirit, and Animal.

The third stage is Anagami, which means “one who does not come”. The non-returner, having overcome sensuality, does not return to the human world, or any unfortunate world lower than that, after death.

Instead, non-returners are reborn in one of the five special worlds in Rupadhatu called the “Pure Abodes” and attain Nirvana over there.

The fourth stage is that of Arahant, a fully awakened person. Having abandoned all Ten Fetters, they will never be reborn in any plane or world upon death as they have completed escaped samsara.

Below are the Fetters

-Identity view

-Attachment to rites and rituals

-Doubt about the teachings

-Sensual desire

-Ill will

-Sensual desire

-Attachment to the four Material Absorption (Rupa jhana)

-Attachment to the four iMaterial Absorption (aRupa jhana)




There are levels of experience. There are no levels of Realization.” – Ramana Maharshi

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