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Change the strategy but not the Goal

We all have some goals in our life. We strive our best to achieve our goals within the planned way and within the time schedule.

Sometimes we may not be able to achieve the goal. Then we will feel that we lost the game and we take decision to quit. But this is not the right way of thinking. We have different routes for different destination. We may face hurdles and surely we will reach the destination, may be with a small delay.

Good example – When we are driving and approach one dead end, we don’t just give up on reaching the destination and head back home. Instead, you make a ‘U’ turn and go another way. Similarly, there are different ways and routes to accomplish our goals. But there will be dead ends. Plans may fail. However the goal that inspired them should still remain same. Instead of giving up on the goal, reassess the plan, learn from its failure, and use those lessons to modify the approach to navigate a new route. Learning from the failure will take you to success.

Understand Everything

Understand every little thing, make a conclusion, and ask yourself why it didn’t work and why this one works? You need to think and understand everything to figure out what you need to do to make a right plan for your business, so you can achieve your goals.

Life is hard; it’s challenging, almost impossible, and harder to live with all that comes with each chapter yet each day in our own individual lives. And society can get into our heads and convince us to believe whatever they want us to believe but it’s within our own power and control to not give in and instead make the best out of the moments and opportunities!

I am sure that every successful business will have many failure steps before they get where they are now.

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