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Why Public Speaking is Important for youth.

"If you can't communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you are giving up your potential."

Warren Buffett.

In this digital world of phone, laptops and tablets our kids are answering us in one word text message. As parents we think our kids are not communicating. In these few years it changed my view towards youth potential and strengths.

Being a Program Director at Inspiration Masters, I got a chance to meet lot of kids. If it is regular class day or speech contest, if its Prepared speech or Impromptu Speech they are thriving to be the best if we give them a structure and a chance.

Sometimes those speeches have amazed me. They are talking about new planets where human life could exist.They talk about , Dalai Lama, Hitler,Dr Suess and Walt Disney as Leaders.They come up with various viewpoints which you would have never heard of.

They persuade to recycle or do volunteer work and practice yoga. The make presentations on power of positive thinking and developing positive mental attitude, they tell stories and make the audience laugh by delivering humorous speeches.

What all this means is that If we give them environment to speak, structure, guidance and and give them challenging projects they will excel and will be the leaders of the future.

So letís provide them the right environment.

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