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Standing idols of God in home brings negative effect

In Hinduism, it is believed that a mortal could only achieve ‘moksha’ with the blessing of God; and, what better way than to live under their constant blessings at home?

Almost every Indian household has a sacred room or wall dedicated to the Almighty, which they call ‘Puja’ or prayer room.

It is in this corner of the house that the individual feels a deep-rooted connection with their God, and finds solace in surrendering up to them.

While many set up a gigantic ‘Mandir’ for setting up the idols and frames of Gods and Goddess, others nail photos on to the walls.

This place is the most sacred corner of the house and is often religiously cleaned with rose water.

And, the idols are regularly cleaned as well, along with changing of floral garlands and other offerings.

People bring in these idols of God with hope to bring in peace, prosperity, happiness and love into their lives.

But, the kind of idol that one establishes in the puja room also affects the positive energy within the four walls of home.

Around the world, you will see many idols of God, with numerous hand gestures and positions like standing, sitting, reclining, laying, etc.

But, did you know that bringing in idols of God from one of the above positions may invite trouble in your life?

Apparently, ‘standing’ idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi is considered a sign of bad luck and misfortune, as mentioned in Shastra.

As mentioned in Hindu religious texts, the idols of these two Gods must always be in the sitting position; also, the space between these idols must never be more than 10 inches, which other is considered inauspicious.

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