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Hai, I am here on L-2 Visa.I want to settle here .What is the procedure? I did Master's in Biotechnology,had 3+ years experience in India... -Aravapalli Naga Venkateswara Rao View Answer
Hi...I am very much confused to select degree program to study. As i am interested in multiple things. From India I have done B.Com and IATA (this course its related to travel industries). But still I am confused what to do?..I like courses as Hospitality Travel and Touring Management, Sales Force .COM certification (just recently seen and thought may be I can do sales force.com),even thinking I can be able to do adobe flash. But I am totally confused, to select my career path. My one problem is I am on H4 visa(dependent visa)..so which career should i select , where i can easily get a job. Hope to hear from you soon... -dhwani shah View Answer
HI RAVI, I have done B.Sc (general)&M.Sc (maths).I am currently residing in u s (H4).I am interested in pursuing courses in computer or any masters .I searched a lot about the courses but not able to make a decision as am not able to know what are the prerequisites of the courses and ahat are their future prospects.I haven't taken any GRE/TOFEL/SAT exam . Thank you. -renu View Answer
Hi, I was born on 22 july 1981 In khetri nagar, Rajasthan at 8:05 PM.... I am not able to have a child despite everything fine medically .. could u let me know if i can have kids or not -Aditi Goel View Answer
Hi, I would like to return to India and settle there but my wife wants to settle in US Let us know if we ever return to India. If so what is the good year and time to return Let us know if we will have a more happy life if we settle in India or US I am born on Dec 8 1971, 21:30 IST Hyderabad, India. My wife born on Oct 26 1980, 15:00 IST, Hyderabad, India -kv View Answer
Hi Sir, I am currently on a F2 visa. I am planning to do online MBA degree from a US university. I would like to know if I am allowed to do so on my F2 visa.I would greatly appreciate your giudance. Thank you - khushi shet View Answer
I have Master's degree in Biotechnology and have 3 years of experience in software industry in India. However i am finding it difficult to get a job in US. Currently i am in Bay area. Should I go for PhD? -Sailee View Answer
my date of birth is april 24,1962 time appr 3.45pm mumbai. my life is mess up and i dont have absolutely no money in the bank.i have lost all the money in business. what will happen in future or is there any future for me or not.will i settle down in india where i want to go desperately and settle down but i cannot because i am completely broke.how can i change my life. please advice need urgent help -amit View Answer
Hello Sir, Iam on OPT , my employer and my working places are different. 1.Please let me know what are the taxes applicable on pay check. 2.Is my pay role should be run where my employer reside state or my work state. if yes then why or no why? 3.can you provide the some links. Thanks in an advance -Abhi View Answer
i want to know when i will sell my house and relocate. November /27/1951. born in Vadodara in India at 12:05 a.m. thanks rekha -rekha View Answer
Hi Sir, I'm on H4 & have done my BE 4 yr degree in India 2007.Now interested to do MS (computer/electronics) here in Dallas,TX. Want to know the universities in & around dallas ,and what are the criteria like GRE & Toefl required?Also , is there any universities that don't asks for GRE/toefl for MS? Because i know SJSU university in SANJOSE, CA that don't asks for either GRE or toefl, just our BS degree certificates and graded by that. Really appreciate for ur response. -Krithika View Answer
Hi I am Praveen Kumar, and my date of birth is 1st June 1978 time Morning in between 10:30 to 11:00am Place Secunderabad/hyderabad Andhra pradesh, India. I have done my Graduation.I would like to Know about my marriage Do I have any disturbances in getting marriage. As my parents are in Search since 3 years. And Have participated in pooja's like srikalahasthi rahu kethu and also kala sarpa dosha puja in the Month of Nov'2009. Suggest me please. -Praveen Kumar View Answer
Hi, I would greatly appreciate names of top charter schools or public schools in San Antonio area for second grader.Reasonably priced private schools would also be great.I prefer accelerated curriculum or gifted curriculum.Thanks / Elizabeth -Elizabeth View Answer
Hi Iam Sandhya. Iam currently working in the U.S for a IT company. I would like to take online diplomo course in management or any other management certification. Please advise. Thanks in advance. -Sandhya View Answer
I am on a H4 visa. I want to convert it into F1 visa so that I can get OPT for applying for H1. I have done my BE in Electronics and Instrumentation and have 4 years of experience in MNC's. So my doubt is whether should I write GRE/Toefel for that or can I get the admission directly. Can you specify the colleges in Boston for instrumentation Engineering? -Shilo View Answer
Hi Ravi Uncle.I'm a homemaker leaving with my hubby in Charlotte.I'm on L2 visa and have got my EAD too.I have done my M.Sc in Biotechnology from Mysore university,India.I came to know that there is huge scope for my subject but am not able to get jobs.Can you please tel me whether a L2 dependent can get job or not?And please do tel me how to get my degree evaluated,if furthering my education? -ashraya View Answer
Hello Sir, I live in bay area and on H-4 visa. I have done two masters from India,Msc. in Botany and M Tech. in Biotechnology. I applied for PhD in california but failed.Applying for job but visa status doesn't support that. Please suggest me what should I do to start my carrier here in USA ? -Priti Singh View Answer
Sir My son is going to finish 12th grade He isunder R2 Visa wish to study here in USA as we are in New Orleans is there any way can he get admission even though we have applied for extension of stay and visa will be 2 more years and does any college will provide scholarship. Please provide sufficient solution for this problem -Mohan View Answer
Hi, I am on a F-1 Visa doing my PhD from Texas A&M.. My wife is currently on a F-2 visa. She has been admitted to my university for the MS program. Do you recommend going back to India and get her visa or to get a change of status from US itself? -Vishal View Answer
Respected sir, I am now trying to transfer to a community college in texas so that it will be easier for me to get admission in good university later on, i want to know what courses should i take and what other stuffs i need to do so that i will be prepared to get admission in universities as Texas A&M collegestation or Univ of texas at austin as now i am studying in north lake college -paras View Answer
Hi,I have done m.com from india but 11 yrs back.Now I need some guidance as how to start my career as an accountant or a cpa.I am a citizen and live in Irving tx. -sonia View Answer
respected sir i have a bachler degree in chemistry from India .and i cant continue my education as i got married .Now i am in tx accompanying my husband.Iam in h4 visa status. Iwant to continue my education which is job oriented and change my status to h1. Plz advice me in this matter .Thankyou for your time in advance -Mymoon View Answer
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