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Question:Hi, I was born on 22 july 1981 In khetri nagar, Rajasthan at 8:05 PM.... I am not able to have a child despite everything fine medically .. could u let me know if i can have kids or not -Aditi Goel

Answer By Jyotish Praveen Jyotish Bhushan Sri Gowtham H R:

Hari Om,

There are a few obstacles in your horoscope preventing easy childbirth like Venus 5th lord being in 8th house & 6th lord Sun being in 5th. However Jupiter is strong in ashtakavarga & due to favorable dasha considerations you may be blessed with a child later next year. Worship Lakshmi by chanting Lakshmi Ashtaka / Lalitha Sahasranama.

Good Luck,
Sri Gowtham Bharadwaj

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