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Tamari ‘roasted’ raw almonds

By: Unknown
Region: Others
Dish:Vegetarian - Breakfast/Tiffins/Snacks


as many almonds as will fit in your dehydrator, but not so squished together that they won’t dry
tamari sauce
you will also need: a glass or plastic container big enough to house said quantity of almonds, and a food dehydrator


1) On the trays of your food dehydrator, lay as many almonds as will fit comfortably (with a little wiggle room) .
2) Put these almonds into a plastic or glass container with a lid. Pour enough tamari sauce over the almonds to coat them, plus a coupld of tablespoons extra.
3) Put the lid on the container and shake it. Leave the almonds to soak all day, shaking whenever you remember (at least twice).
4) Before you go to bed, arrange the almonds evenly on all trays of your dehydrator. Turn dehydrator on to the raw foods setting (41 degrees celsius on mine), and leave to dehydrate for around 12-15 hours (time will depend on humidity levels where you live).
5) Store in an airtight container, and try not to eat them all at once! Little jars or bags of these make great gifts.

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