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Elai Kozhukattai

By: Arohya
Region: Tamilnadu
Dish:Vegetarian - Others


Banana leaf – 2 nos
Rice flour – 1 cup
Boiled Split Green gram (Moong dal) – 1 cup
Crushed Jaggery – ½ cup
Grated coconut – ½ cup
Cardamom powder – 1 tsp
Ghee / Clarified butter – 1 tbsp
Salt – ½ tsp


Pressure-cook or boil split green lentil and keep it aside.
Cut the banana leaf to small square shapes.
For stuffing:
Heat a vessel, add crushed jaggery, pour 2 tbsp of water and cook in medium flame until the jaggery dissolves and from syrup consistency.
Add in the boiled split green gram (moong dal), mix it well with jaggery syrup.
Add in the grated coconut followed by cardamom powder and mix it well.
Remove it from fire, when it becomes thick.
For dough:
Pour 1 ½ cups of water, bring it boil (make sure it boils well – bubbling consistency)
Take the rice flour in a bowl, add salt, mix it well.
Pour in the boiling water, little by little and mix it well with the backside of the spoon (make sure no lumps are formed).
Make sure the dough is soft.
For Banana leaf:
Clean the banana leaf in water, rub it with ghee / clarified butter using your fingers.
Take a small portion of the dough, roll it to a medium size ball.
Place the ball in the centre of the banana leaf, rub your fingers with ghee, pat the ball and flatten it gently over the banana leaf.
Take a small portion of the filling, place in one side of the flatten dough.
Fold the banana leaf gently and steam it in a steamer for 5 mins or until the kozhukattai is cooked.
Gently remove it from fire and transfer it to a plate.

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