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Nuvvula pulusu

By: Sudha
Region: Andhra
Dish:Vegetarian - Others
Main Ingredient: Sesame (thil)


Sesame seeds - 1/2 cup or 3 tbsp
Soaked rice1 table spoon (soak for at least 3 hrs)
Dry or fresh coconut - 3 tbsp
Cumin - 3/4 tsp
Curry leaves - 1 tbsp
Cilantro - 1 tbsp
Seasoning (popu) - with a little amount of oil , mustard seeds, fenugreek and cumin seeds.
Onions - 1 big size.
Gud(jaggery)- 1 small piece or according to taste
Green chillies - 4 medium size


Soak the above mentioned amount of rice for atleast 3 hours. Grind the rice, thil, coconut, cumin, green chillies to a fine paste with water. Heat the oil in the pan and let the above mentioned seasoning be splutter and add curry leaves and one red chilly(optional). Add longly cut onion pieces and let them fry until golden brown. Add the grinded paste and 1 cup of water and let it boil. If desired, put some more water and boil it with liquid consistency. Add jaggery, salt ,a pinch of turmeric and tamarind pulp (either paste or you can prepare) and let it boil for some more time. Lastly decorate with some cilantro.


Generally it is preferable to make this pulusu(soup) with onion pieces. If you want to add more, you can add pieces of bottle guard,(sorakaya) or cucumber pieces.

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