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Butter Naan

By: pavitra
Region: Maharastra
Dish:Vegetarian - Rotis
Main Ingredient: Maida
Time to Prepare: 20 mins


250gms Maida
30 ml Milk
1 tsp Sugar
20 gms Curd
1/2 tsp Baking Powder
A pinch of Cooking Soda
1 tbsp Oil
2tbsp Butter
Salt to taste


Mix Flour, Salt, Soda and Baking Powder together. Make a well in the center. Mix Sugar, Curd and Milk well. Add little water if required to the Curd-Milk mixture. Pour this mixture over the sieved flour to bind to soft dough. Cover and keep aside for at least 5 minutes. Again punch the dough by using oil and keep it aside, covered for fermentation for at least one hours. Divide the dough into eight equal sized portions. Roll them into balls and flatten each with the palm to give it a round thick Chapathi like shape. Then stretch on one side to form an oval shaped Naan. Bake in hot tandoor or in a pre-heated oven till done. Similarly prepare the remaining Naans.

Apply the Butter on Naans and Serve Hot

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