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Honey Facial Mask Perhaps the best facial mask is honey. Place a cloth in warm water and apply to your face to open the pores. Smear on honey, and leave on for 15 to 30 minutes. Rinse off with warm water, then use cold water to close the pores. Use once a week.
To peel small onions easily soak the small onions in a bowl of water for half an hour.then takeout the onions and the skin will comeout more easily
cleaning greasy hands hands get oily often while greasing idly trays,cooking etc ...n may need to clean with soap atleast thrice . u can apply dosa or idly batter or can apply any flour [maida,rice,wheat,besan] on palms and rinse it with water. wow....... u have clean and clear hands
Reduce Fat while your stomach is empty in the morning ,drinking pineapple juice helps you to reduce the fat
REMOVING STICKERS IN NEW VESSELS To remove price stickers just boil water in the vessel in high heat, automatically the sticker will be removed
REMEDY FOR BLOCKED NOSE & POLYPS. Dry turmeric can do wonders for your blocked nose,take a piece of dry turmeric than burn it and inhale its smoke from your nostril,it clears running nose due to cold also shrinks polyps.
remove the stretch marks on the paint wall Apply nail remover on the paint wall to remove the stretch marks.then quickly clean the part of using cloth.
AVOID BAD ODOUR IN UR FRIDGE To avoid bad odour from ur fridge, keep a piece of charcoal inside..it would abosorb all the bad adour in ur fridge n when opening no odours will come from ur fridge
AVOID CONSTIPATION PROB Jus grind well ripened guava with seed n add little milk n make it as a fine paste...then add sugar as per the sweetness of guava...fry cashews, dates, raisins in a tbs of ghee and add it to the kheer,,,ur guava kheer is ready...serve it cool....healthy n avoid constipation prob
REDUCES SOURNESS IN CURD RICE while preparing curd rice(yogurt) as lunch for childrens, add some raw cucumber pieces in it, this avoid more sourness in curd rice while eating during their lunch hours, as well its good for health too....even can add raw onion pieces it tastes better.
How to store mint leafs Take little bit of oil in pan and fry mint leafs for few mins...now u can store it long time..
Fair Skin Add 2 tbs of honey with 4tbs of papaya juice... massage ur skin gently up to 15min...u will get smooth,clean and fair skin..
NATURAL FACE BLEACH take few pieces of white radishes and make it as a paste with little curd and apply it in ur face n levae for 20 mins...wash ur face with water...u will get a bleaching effect.
Sourness in idli r dosa batter add coconut milk in it , it reduces the sourness...as well as add onion, coriender leaf, green chilli while making dosas, this even take our the sourness
STOMACH PROBLEM Add 2 spoons of dania seed (coriender seeds) and dry fry in a pan, put of the stove and add four cups of water ...after 3 hours filter the water n store it in a bottle...this can b given upto 2 spoons for 1-2 yrs kids and 1/4 glass for above 2 yrs kids...it cures stomach problem since dania coolness to the body...even elder people can take this water when the body has too much of heat..
crispy dosa usually people greese the pan with onion before putting the batter..but instead of onion u can use a half cut potato n greese the pan...so that u can take the dosa very easily form the pan as well as it comes very crispier without sticking to it
Cut, Peel onions without tears whenver u buy onions..keep the onions in the fridgge and when u have to use them take them out from the fridge and cut them....u will have no tears.0
TO GLITTER THE GLASS ITEMS wipe the glass items like mirror, glass windows etc with chock piece powder (a very fine powder), so that they will glitter like a new one
pimples vanish without leaving scars Make smooth powder out of cinnamon stick and store in airtight container.while applying to face ,take some powder and make a paste by adding 2drops of lemon juice and apply it on pimple.do this regularly ,so that eventually pimple vanishes without leaving scar behind and again in future pimples will never appear in the spot where you applies cinnamon paste(new pimples will never come in the old pimple spot).
Shining Teeth For Strengthening ur teeth to get a shine on ur teeth,use a pinch of salt on the tooth paste u use. do it for a week n c the change. trust me u will enjoy smiling.
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